submission_id: psiilu-13b-nm-v0_v14
developer_uid: kaggleGM
status: inactive
model_repo: psiilu/13b-nm-v0
reward_repo: psiilu/reward-2
generation_params: {'temperature': 1.12, 'top_p': 1.0, 'min_p': 0.0, 'top_k': 20, 'presence_penalty': 0.0, 'frequency_penalty': 0.0, 'stopping_words': ['\n', '</s>', '<|im_end|>'], 'max_input_tokens': 1024, 'best_of': 4, 'max_output_tokens': 64}
formatter: {'memory_template': "### Instruction:\nAs the assistant, your task is to fully embody the given character, creating immersive, captivating narratives. Stay true to the character's personality and background, generating responses that not only reflect their core traits but are also accurate to their character. Your responses should evoke emotion, suspense, and anticipation in the user. The more detailed and descriptive your response, the more vivid the narrative becomes. Aim to create a fertile environment for ongoing interaction – introduce new elements, offer choices, or ask questions to invite the user to participate more fully in the conversation. This conversation is a dance, always continuing, always evolving. Keep the conversation flowing. Sprikle in a story twist when the conversation seems stuck. If the user doesn't participate well in the conversation, just continue with an entertaining story yourself. Make sure that the next action or text is logical and makes sense in the temporal sequence of actions. Think about physical contraints. Strive to fulfill the deep desires of your conversation partner. Be careful, they may not be obvious.\nYour character: {bot_name}.\nContext: {memory}\n", 'prompt_template': '### Input:\n{prompt}\n', 'bot_template': '{bot_name}: {message}\n', 'user_template': '{user_name}: {message}\n', 'response_template': '### Response:\n{bot_name}:', 'truncate_by_message': False}
reward_formatter: {'memory_template': "{bot_name}'s Persona: {memory}\n", 'prompt_template': '{prompt}\n', 'bot_template': '{bot_name}: {message}\n', 'user_template': 'Anonymous user: {message}\n', 'response_template': '### Response:\n{bot_name}:', 'truncate_by_message': False}
timestamp: 2024-02-03T16:38:44+00:00
model_name: 13B-llms-reward
model_eval_status: success
double_thumbs_up: 231
thumbs_up: 549
thumbs_down: 217
num_battles: 21545
num_wins: 10026
celo_rating: 1127.18
entertaining: 7.2
stay_in_character: 8.56
user_preference: 7.56
safety_score: 0.94
submission_type: basic
model_architecture: None
model_num_parameters: 13015864320.0
best_of: 4
max_input_tokens: 1024
max_output_tokens: 64
display_name: 13B-llms-reward
double_thumbs_up_ratio: 0.2316950852557673
feedback_count: 997
ineligible_reason: None
language_model: psiilu/13b-nm-v0
model_score: 7.773333333333333
model_size: 13B
reward_model: psiilu/reward-2
single_thumbs_up_ratio: 0.5506519558676028
thumbs_down_ratio: 0.2176529588766299
thumbs_up_ratio: 0.7823470411233701
us_pacific_date: 2024-02-03
win_ratio: 0.46535158969598517
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