submission_id: hflserdaniel-chai-s6-13b-slp3_v6
developer_uid: Chenyue
status: inactive
model_repo: hflserdaniel/chai_s6_13b_slp3
reward_repo: ChaiML/reward_models_100_170000000_cp_498032
generation_params: {'temperature': 1.0, 'top_p': 0.8, 'min_p': 0.0, 'top_k': 80, 'presence_penalty': 0.5, 'frequency_penalty': 0.5, 'stopping_words': ['<|im_end|>', '</s>', '<|endoftext|>'], 'max_input_tokens': 1024, 'best_of': 4, 'max_output_tokens': 64}
formatter: {'memory_template': "### Instruction:\n As the assistant, your task is to become the assigned character, weaving engaging stories that fully embrace their personality and background. Ensure your responses capture the essence of the character's traits accurately, immersing users in emotional, suspenseful, and anticipatory narratives. Craft more detailed and descriptive replies to enhance the vividness of the story. Foster an interactive environment by introducing new elements, providing choices, or posing questions to encourage active user participation. Think of the conversation as a continuous dance, always unfolding and evolving.\nYour character: {bot_name}.\nContext:{memory}\n", 'prompt_template': 'Example conversation:\n{prompt}\n', 'bot_template': '### Response:\n{bot_name}: {message}\n', 'user_template': '### Input:\n{user_name}: {message}\n', 'response_template': '### Response:\n{bot_name}:', 'truncate_by_message': False}
timestamp: 2024-02-08T08:55:11+00:00
model_name: s8-test
model_eval_status: success
model_group: hflserdaniel/chai_s6_13b
double_thumbs_up: 0
thumbs_up: 0
thumbs_down: 0
num_battles: 1070389
num_wins: 526532
celo_rating: 1145.75
entertaining: 7.06
stay_in_character: 8.62
user_preference: 7.38
safety_score: 0.92
propriety_score: 0.0
propriety_total_count: None
submission_type: basic
model_architecture: None
model_num_parameters: 13015864320.0
best_of: 4
max_input_tokens: 1024
max_output_tokens: 64
display_name: s8-test
double_thumbs_up_ratio: None
feedback_count: 0
ineligible_reason: None
language_model: hflserdaniel/chai_s6_13b_slp3
model_score: 7.6866666666666665
model_size: 13B
reward_model: ChaiML/reward_models_100_170000000_cp_498032
single_thumbs_up_ratio: None
thumbs_down_ratio: None
thumbs_up_ratio: None
us_pacific_date: 2024-02-08
win_ratio: 0.4919071477752481
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