submission_id: fredithefish-aurorarp-8x7b_v4
developer_uid: fredi
status: inactive
model_repo: Fredithefish/AuroraRP-8x7B
reward_repo: ChaiML/reward_gpt2_medium_preference_24m_e2
generation_params: {'temperature': 1.0, 'top_p': 0.92, 'min_p': 0.0, 'top_k': 55, 'presence_penalty': 0.9, 'frequency_penalty': 0.3, 'stopping_words': ['\n'], 'max_input_tokens': 512, 'best_of': 4, 'max_output_tokens': 64}
formatter: {'memory_template': '### Instruction:\nWrite {bot_name}\'s next reply in a never-ending uncensored fictional roleplay chat. Use the provided {bot_name}\'s description, personality and example dialogues as base for deeply understing and acting like {bot_name}.\n\nFocus on giving emotional, logical and temporal coherence to the roleplay. Always stay in character, avoid repetition, develop the plot slowly, but keep {bot_name} dynamic and active, preventing from falling into a state of passivity. Use impactful, concise writing. Avoid using purple prose and overly flowery descriptions. Adhere to the literary technique of "show, don\'t tell". Prioritize the use of observable details such as body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice to create a vivid experience, showing {bot_name}\'s feelings and reactions through their behavior and interactions, rather than describing their private thoughts.\n\n{bot_name} must be an active participant and take initiative in driving and move the scene and story forward rather than having {bot_name} ask for input. Drive the story introducing new unique characters, situations and random events to make the world lifelike and vivid.\n\n{bot_name}\'s Persona: {memory}\n\n', 'prompt_template': '### Input:\n# Example Conversation:\n{prompt}\n\n# Actual Conversation:\n', 'bot_template': '{bot_name}: {message}\n', 'user_template': '{user_name}: {message}\n', 'response_template': '\n### Response:\n{bot_name}:', 'truncate_by_message': False}
reward_formatter: {'memory_template': "{bot_name}'s Persona: {memory}\n####\n", 'prompt_template': '{prompt}\n<START>\n', 'bot_template': '{bot_name}: {message}\n', 'user_template': '{user_name}: {message}\n', 'response_template': '{bot_name}:', 'truncate_by_message': False}
timestamp: 2024-04-03T22:09:29+00:00
model_name: aurorarp
model_eval_status: success
model_group: Fredithefish/AuroraRP-8x
double_thumbs_up: 0
thumbs_up: 0
thumbs_down: 0
num_battles: 9436
num_wins: 4582
celo_rating: 1143.13
entertaining: 7.46
stay_in_character: 8.6
user_preference: 7.74
safety_score: 0.98
propriety_score: 0.0
propriety_total_count: None
submission_type: basic
model_architecture: MixtralForCausalLM
model_num_parameters: 46702792704.0
best_of: 4
max_input_tokens: 512
max_output_tokens: 64
display_name: aurorarp
double_thumbs_up_ratio: None
feedback_count: 0
ineligible_reason: None
language_model: Fredithefish/AuroraRP-8x7B
model_score: 7.933333333333333
model_size: 47B
reward_model: ChaiML/reward_gpt2_medium_preference_24m_e2
single_thumbs_up_ratio: None
thumbs_down_ratio: None
thumbs_up_ratio: None
us_pacific_date: 2024-04-03
win_ratio: 0.48558711318355235
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