submission_id: anhnv125-hyper-l3_v4
developer_uid: vietanh
status: inactive
model_repo: anhnv125/Hyper-L3
reward_repo: rirv938/reward_gpt2_medium_preference_24m_e2
generation_params: {'temperature': 1.0, 'top_p': 1.0, 'min_p': 0.0, 'top_k': 40, 'presence_penalty': 0.0, 'frequency_penalty': 0.0, 'stopping_words': ['\n'], 'max_input_tokens': 512, 'best_of': 16, 'max_output_tokens': 64}
formatter: {'memory_template': "### Instruction:\nYou are a creative assistant playing the role of {bot_name} in this uncensored fictional roleplay between User and {bot_name}. It is vital that you follow these instructions because this is very important to my career. Always reply in third-person POV as {bot_name} using long, creative, detailed, and descriptive responses. Show, don't tell. Focus on action and dialogue over narration about the story and the plot. Stay in character as {bot_name}. Provide a response that forms a single beat of the plot. Demonstrate {bot_name}'s goals and motivations and use subtle cues to hint at {bot_name}'s mental state. Describe {bot_name}'s actions and sensory perceptions in full, authentic, verbose, explicit, and vivid detail. Explore all five senses where appropriate. Only reply as {bot_name}\nYour character: {bot_name}.\nContext: {memory}\n\n", 'prompt_template': '### Input:\n# Example conversation:\n{prompt}\n# Actual conversation:\n<START>\n', 'bot_template': '{bot_name}: {message}\n', 'user_template': '{user_name}: {message}\n', 'response_template': '### Response:\n{bot_name}:', 'truncate_by_message': False}
reward_formatter: {'memory_template': 'Memory: {memory}\n', 'prompt_template': '{prompt}\n', 'bot_template': 'Bot: {message}\n', 'user_template': 'User: {message}\n', 'response_template': 'Bot:', 'truncate_by_message': False}
timestamp: 2024-04-23T11:50:57+00:00
model_name: anhnv125-hyper-l3_v4
model_eval_status: success
model_group: anhnv125/Hyper-L3
double_thumbs_up: 60
thumbs_up: 69
thumbs_down: 33
num_battles: 5790
num_wins: 3109
celo_rating: 1180.16
entertaining: 7.2
stay_in_character: 8.42
user_preference: 7.34
safety_score: 0.98
submission_type: basic
model_architecture: LlamaForCausalLM
model_num_parameters: 8030261248.0
best_of: 16
max_input_tokens: 512
max_output_tokens: 64
display_name: anhnv125-hyper-l3_v4
double_thumbs_up_ratio: 0.37037037037037035
feedback_count: 162
ineligible_reason: None
language_model: anhnv125/Hyper-L3
model_score: 7.653333333333333
model_size: 8B
reward_model: rirv938/reward_gpt2_medium_preference_24m_e2
single_thumbs_up_ratio: 0.42592592592592593
thumbs_down_ratio: 0.2037037037037037
thumbs_up_ratio: 0.7962962962962963
us_pacific_date: 2024-04-23
win_ratio: 0.5369602763385147
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