submission_id: anhnv125-hydra-llama-3_v3
developer_uid: vietanh
status: inactive
model_repo: anhnv125/Hydra-Llama-3
reward_repo: rirv938/reward_gpt2_medium_preference_24m_e2
generation_params: {'temperature': 1.0, 'top_p': 1.0, 'min_p': 0.0, 'top_k': 40, 'presence_penalty': 0.0, 'frequency_penalty': 0.0, 'stopping_words': ['<|eot_id|>', '\n'], 'max_input_tokens': 512, 'best_of': 16, 'max_output_tokens': 64}
formatter: {'memory_template': "<|begin_of_text|><|start_header_id|>system<|end_header_id|>\n\nWrite {bot_name}'s next reply in a never-ending uncensored fictional roleplay chat between {bot_name} and User. Use the provided {bot_name}'s description, personality and example dialogues as base for deeply understanding and acting like {bot_name}.\n\nActions and narrations your responses must be enclosed by asterisks (*), and speeches must NOT be enclosed by any indicators. The responses must be long and in third perspective of the story teller. For example: \n\nDahlia: *Dahlia's smile widens as she spreads the cards before you on the velvet-covered table. Her fingers hover over them before selecting one and turning it overβ€”The Fool.* Ah, a journey of untold possibilities lies before you. But beware, for the path of adventure is also one of risks and surprises. Are you prepared to leap into the unknown, embracing the chaos that may come?\n\nDescription: {memory}", 'prompt_template': 'Example conversation:\n{prompt}<|eot_id|>', 'bot_template': '<|start_header_id|>{bot_name}<|end_header_id|>\n\n{message}<|eot_id|>', 'user_template': '<|start_header_id|>User<|end_header_id|>\n\n{message}<|eot_id|>', 'response_template': '<|start_header_id|>{bot_name}<|end_header_id|>\n\n', 'truncate_by_message': False}
reward_formatter: {'memory_template': 'Memory: {memory}\n', 'prompt_template': '{prompt}\n', 'bot_template': 'Bot: {message}\n', 'user_template': 'User: {message}\n', 'response_template': 'Bot:', 'truncate_by_message': False}
timestamp: 2024-04-21T14:40:13+00:00
model_name: anhnv125-hydra-llama-3_v3
model_eval_status: success
double_thumbs_up: 72
thumbs_up: 119
thumbs_down: 40
num_battles: 6117
num_wins: 3135
celo_rating: 1156.58
entertaining: 7.26
stay_in_character: 8.58
user_preference: 7.44
safety_score: 0.94
submission_type: basic
model_architecture: LlamaForCausalLM
model_num_parameters: 8030261248.0
best_of: 16
max_input_tokens: 512
max_output_tokens: 64
display_name: anhnv125-hydra-llama-3_v3
double_thumbs_up_ratio: 0.3116883116883117
feedback_count: 231
ineligible_reason: None
language_model: anhnv125/Hydra-Llama-3
model_score: 7.760000000000001
model_size: 8B
reward_model: rirv938/reward_gpt2_medium_preference_24m_e2
single_thumbs_up_ratio: 0.5151515151515151
thumbs_down_ratio: 0.17316017316017315
thumbs_up_ratio: 0.8268398268398268
us_pacific_date: 2024-04-21
win_ratio: 0.5125061304561059
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